The Stellar Imager (SI) Vision Mission

The Stellar Imager (SI) Vision Mission is an ultraviolet/optical, deep-space telescope designed to image stars similar to our sun with 0.1 milliarcsecond resolution. In addition to providing previously unattainable views of the surfaces and, via spatially-resolved asteroseismoloy, interiors of solar and other type stars, SI will reveal the inner regions and winds of active galactic nucleii (AGN) and the dynamics of many systems and processes throughout the universe.

The Principal Investigator of the Stellar Imager concept development is Dr. Kenneth Carpenter of the ExoPlanets and Stellar Astrophysics Laboratory. He leads a large collaborative team of about a dozen Goddard personnel plus co-investigators at about 18 academic, aerospace, and international external institutions established for the Vision Mission Study and expanded, at a low level of effort, in the following years.

Goddard's role is to continue to foster and coordinate the further development of the science program goals and the mission architecture to satisfy those goals and to pursue and encourage the development of the technologies needed to enable the mission in the late 2020s.

Artist's Concept of One Possible Stellar Imager Architecture

Artist's concept of Stellar Imager (click to enlarge)